Building Biology

We’re fueled by a passion for sustainable construction, aiming to enhance your daily quality of life. At Timberia, we embody our beliefs, dedicated to crafting your healthy home. Welcome to Timberia, your experts on wooden house solutions.


Unsere Leidenschaft für nachhaltiges Bauen treibt uns an. Weil wir Ihre Lebensqualität steigern möchten – Tag für Tag. Bei Timberia leben wir unsere Überzeugungen, denn unser Ziel ist Ihr gesundes Zuhause. Willkommen bei Timberia, Ihrem Experten für Holzhaus-Lösungen

Man and Nature in Harmony

Ecological Timber Construction

Our ecological construction thrives on sustainability. Situated in a prime European timber area, our factory minimizes transport for efficient resource use. Our self-supporting wooden structure provides stability, exceptional insulation, and minimal environmental impact. Carefully designed glue connections enhance durability and interior comfort, reflecting our eco-conscious manufacturing.

Healthy Living

Prioritizing health in building is central to our philosophy. Despite rising costs, we embraced the challenge. Customers affirm our dedication to their well-being, driving our commitment to chemical-minimized, health-oriented construction, ensuring happy homes.

Renewable Building Materials

Wood, a renewable and versatile material, is key in our sustainable approach. Its CO2 storage—around one ton per cubic meter—makes it a vital ally against climate change. Sourced from sustainable forestry, our wood choice minimizes environmental impact, paving the way for modern, eco-friendly construction.

Ceilings, walls, floors - everything in harmony

Our construction blends top ecological standards with superior insulation for ultimate comfort. Each layer, from outer walls with selected materials to roofs meeting high standards, reflects our fusion of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology, crafting eco-friendly, cozy homes.

Modern LED Lighting

LED lighting enhances health, energy efficiency, and the environment. Offering natural, eye-friendly illumination, LEDs are energy-efficient, durable, and toxin-free. They cut energy costs, lower carbon footprint, and reduce light pollution. At Timberia, we prioritize this eco-friendly lighting for efficient, healthy, and ecological room illumination.

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