Our Home Models

Our adaptable 51m² plus-energy wood modules, with a 13m * 4.5m base and weighing approx. 12.5 tons, serve as a versatile foundation for tailored residential and commercial solutions. Whether for cozy homes or diverse spaces like offices, hotels, or common areas, the design possibilities are nearly endless.

Dawn - A Home for Two

Noon - A Family Home

More Than Just a House

Innovative Office and Work Solutions

Elevate your company's productivity and creativity using our modular office solutions. Our 51m² modules accommodate offices, meeting rooms, and amenities. Customize interiors for an inspiring workspace. Our sustainable approach prioritizes eco-friendly work environments. Partnering with Erhardt Bürowelt, we offer comprehensive office setup.

AirBnB Solutions

Seeking distinctive AirBnB lodgings? Our customizable 51m² modules deliver unique guest experiences. Tailor interiors for standout spaces, ensuring a memorable stay. Plus-energy technology guarantees eco-friendly stays, reflecting a commitment to both comfort and environmental responsibility.

Hotel Solutions

Our 51m² modules cater to hotels seeking distinctive guest spaces. Adaptable for stylish living, cozy bedrooms, and modern bathrooms, they align with your hotel's identity. Flexibility allows diverse room concepts, while plus-energy tech and sustainable construction ensure a pleasant stay and environmental contribution.

Diverse Community and Educational Spaces

Empower educational venues, communities, and events with our adaptable 51m² modules. Ideal as classrooms, meeting areas, or event spaces, customize interiors for optimal learning, interaction, and collaboration. Our sustainable materials and energy-efficient tech ensure functionality and eco-friendliness.

Modular Living Concepts

Unlock larger residential projects with our versatile 51m² modules. Stack and combine for multi-family or extended single-family homes. Flexible arrangements cater to family needs, communities, or development projects, offering sustainable, customizable solutions. Partner with us to achieve your sustainable home vision, even up to 10 floors, at significantly reduced construction costs compared to traditional methods.

Residential Buildings for Individual Needs

Our 51m² modules cater to personalized living solutions, adaptable to your preferences. Design from cozy spaces for two to expansive homes using multiple modules. Craft your ideal layout, merging modern design and functionality. Plus-energy technology ensures sustainability and active energy generation within your living space.

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