Unleash the Sun
Transform Your Home with Timberia's Solar Energy Innovations
Unleash the Sun
Transform Your Home with Timberia's Solar Energy Innovations
Unleash the Sun
Transform Your Home with Timberia's Solar Energy Innovations
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We're Experts in Solar Power Systems

A fine wooden house deserves a modern energy supply. That’s why we provide a fully tailored solar power system as a standard option for our houses. Our experienced installation teams will even come directly to your home!

In the Bavaria region, we offer affordable and swiftly delivered systems – installed by our skilled teams.

Now Save on VAT for Solar Power Systems

Thanks to the new tax law starting from 01.01.2023, the VAT on the purchase of PV systems up to 30 kWp and PV storage is ZERO percent! Furthermore, you can now choose the small business regulation (KUR) for your solar system without any drawbacks, and the income tax for you as the operator of a system has also been currently reduced to zero.

19% Lower Costs for Energy Storage

The new tax law extends beyond new installations to cover renewable energy, especially for battery storage. It reduces costs for importing, delivering, and installing batteries in solar systems, supporting homes and businesses directly, marking a move towards sustainability.

19% Savings

Starting 01.01.2023, no VAT on solar power systems, storage, and installation, including import and transportation


Simply inquire without obligations – no upfront costs.

Quick Assessment

Data reviewed fast, queries answered; offer arrives promptly and transparently

Rapid Installation

Currently, our customers have their systems installed 6-10 weeks after signing – depending on current weather conditions

Where does solar power yield the most benefits?

Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg Lead in Energy Production

Bavaria leads in Germany, generating 1,182.4 kWh/m² annually via photovoltaic systems, closely followed by Baden-Württemberg at 1,185.4 kWh/m². With just a 10 m² rooftop in these states, approximately 11,800 kWh can be produced each year.

Full Feed-in Tariff from 01.01.2023

Systems up to 10 kWp receive 13.0 cents per kWh. Larger systems, from 10 kWp, receive 10.9 cents per kWp. Fully feeding this power into the grid amounts to approximately €1,500 annually. Note: Larger systems, over 100 kWp, can sell their power directly or join a virtual power plant, potentially earning 22.00 cents or more.


For self-consumption, possibly with a storage system, producers can currently save three to four times the feed-in tariff, up to 40 cents per kWh depending on current purchase prices.

Last Update of Figures: April 25, 2023

Source: German Weather Service, Study on “Development of Global Radiation in Germany from 1983 to 2020,” January 2023.

Why Work with Us?

Experienced Teams

We construct approximately 300 systems yearly across Europe, spanning from East to West.

All-Inclusive Service

From planning to installation, everything is provided by our experts, readily accessible for you.


From budget-friendly to high-tech, we hold no fixed partnerships with specific brands.

Fair Pricing

Amidst a booming market, we maintain fairness in our pricing. We’re not just quick but also cost-effective.

Our Projects

Current Sample Offers

Sample Offer 1

Project proposal for two neighboring houses within a community. Both systems can be designed and installed simultaneously. Synergies in logistics, procurement, etc., have been passed on to the customers.

PV system 5.17 kWp without storage
10,590 € all-inclusive price per system

Sample Offer 2

Project proposal for five neighboring houses within a community. All systems can be designed and installed simultaneously. Customers handle the grid connection check and approval by an electrical master, host our team, and coordinate centrally through a single contact—allowing us to offer at a lower price point.

PV system 12.22 kWp without storage
18,490 € all-inclusive price per system

Feel free to inquire, hassle-free! It costs nothing but a little time.

You can use the form below to quickly submit an inquiry without providing project details. Alternatively, send us an email. We prioritize personalized service, gladly clarifying all necessary details together – more work for us, but you’ll receive a more precise and tailored offer for your project. For any inquiries, feel free to contact us anytime at Phone: +49 89 62 189 154 | or via Email at: hello@timberia.de

During the project inquiry process, we’ll need to gather some details about your property, roof, etc. If you already have information such as roof type, roofing material, dimensions, photos, etc., please either download the detailed form as a PDF and send it to us via email or fill out the comprehensive contact form online, providing property details and the option to upload photos.

Get in Touch.

Details about the property - if different

Note: our service area is Bavaria. We can only offer services in other areas if we can combine multiple projects.